Airlines, Info.
The Terra Cotta Inn of Palm Springs, California, US
Airlines, Info.


 As one of Palm Springs's most popular vacation resorts, we have had  repeat
guests from all around the world. With a repeat guest rates of 75%,  one of
the highest in the travel industry, we always strive to make your trip  to
see us in Palm Springs a little easier. Thus, we have put together  this
"Links" page with helpful travel information. See you soon in  the sunshine.

This is the Complete Guide to  Palm Springs, California. It details golf,
restaurants, art galleries, points  of interest, museums, activities,
shopping, maps, and us, The Terra Cotta Inn  on the home page.
Visit the top of the steepest  mountains (the San Jacinto) in the U.S.
Because we are sheltered by the  mountains, we have the best weather in
America according to the National  Weather Service.

AIRLINES LANDING IN PALM SPRINGS: American  Airlines United  Airlines

Seasonally other airlines have flights into Palm Springs. It  depends on the
time of year. Check out the airline websites to see  availability. These
carriers are: Northwest  Airlines

We  have repeat guests from all around the world. Although most of our guests
are  from all over the U.S. and Canada, we still have many other guests  from
foreign countries visit us. The typical airports that guests use are  Palm
Springs airport which is a small regional airport in the heart of our  town.
Guests also use the Ontario, CA airport (75 minute drive non rush  hour),
John Wayne Orange County (1 hour 45 minute drive non rush hour),  Burbank (2
hours non rush hour), LAX (2 hours 30 minutes non rush hour), San  Diego (2
hours 30 minutes non rush hour), Las Vegas, NV (4 hours), Phoenix,  AZ (4
hours), and San Francisco (8 hours). These are most of the common  air
carriers that our guests use at these airports:

United States  Airlines: American Northwest  Airlines United  Airlines

Some  Common Foreign Airlines: Scandinavian  SAS

Many guests like to use  Internet airline discount services. Here are some of
the best: Sabre and  Travelocity together

Since most of our guests are taking their vacations  here and may need maps,
here are some sources:

Other links:

We are  always honored when guests take their vacations with us. We realize
that most  people only have a few weeks a year of vacation time, and we work
very hard  so that you will have the best vacation ever, when you stay with
us at The  Terra Cotta Inn. We strive to spoil and pamper you and we think we
succeed.  This is some of the reasons why we are the only clothing optional
resort ever  to be compared to a Ritz Carlton is customer service. Take your
vacation here  and see why we are consistantly honored by the media as one of
the best  resorts to stay at in Palm Springs. (Phoenix's City AZ Magazine in
the summer  of 2000 just picked the Terra Cotta Inn as one of the Top 10 BEST
resorts in  the Western U.S. from Portland, to Santa, Fe).

To make your vacation  happen, give us a call at 1-800-786-6938 or
1-760-322-6059 for  reservations!

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The Terra Cotta Inn of Palm Springs, California, US

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