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Newsletter - July 1999

The Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, California is one of the town's biggest success stories. The 17 room clothing optional resort and spa opened just four years ago. In that time it has grown from a brand new business to one of the most featured Palm Springs resorts in the media, and definitely one of the busiest, as well.

Mary Clare and Tom Mulhall, the owners feel there are many reasons why they are sought out by the press, "People are looking for a new approach to de-stressing. Our aim is to provide luxury, unsurpassed service, pampering with our spa services, all in a beautiful setting. We feel this is the sure fire recipe to relaxation," Mary Clare enthuses. "We knew that nude recreation was a growing market, and we wanted to carve out an upscale approach with a small but amenity rich bed and breakfast inn."

With touches such as al fresco breakfasts, massages in the outdoor gazebo and a high pressure mist system to cool the guests poolside, the inn has become one of the fastest growing businesses in Palm Springs. According to Brian McGowan, City of Palm Springs Economic Development Specialist, "The Terra Cotta Inn has grown to becoming the top grossing small hotel in the summer and consistently one of the top five income generating small hotels year round!"

And the guests and the City of Palm Springs aren't the only ones who have noticed. Just look at the great press notices they have received:

    "The Terra Cotta Inn...the most relaxing day I have spent in recent memory," The Arizona Republic.

    "Ultra Exclusive," Palm Springs Life Magazine.

    "One of the Top Four Places to Stay in Palm Springs," ABC TV, San Diego .

    Travel Destination featured in "Best of LA" issue of LA Magazine .

Tom also attributes their success to making the first timer feel comfortable. "We bend over backwards to make sure they have a wonderful experience. Many people want to try nude recreation. We sometimes spend up to a half hour talking on the telephone to make sure people know what the experience will be like and telling them what a wonderful time they will have. We also think being a small resort is beneficial - guests know they will not be overwhelmed. And, the fact that we are clothing optional, so they can ease into this experience, helps them relax enormously."

Smaller resorts might be the way to go for another reason: more vacationers are seeking them out. Investors Business Daily, while conceding that large resorts will always be popular, reports that, "When it comes to hotels, business and leisure travelers are discovering that bigger isn't always better. Today many savvy travelers are bypassing large institutional hotels in favor of more intimate boutique hotels."

It is no wonder then that when recently recommended their six favorite resorts in Palm Springs, The Terra Cotta Inn, with 17 rooms and 5 other small resorts, ranging up to 20 rooms were the only resorts recommended.

As Palm Springs Economic Development specialist Brian McGowan says, "They are leaders in vacation travel in Palm Springs. We hope more hotels and resorts learn their success step. Just think of the benefit to our city!"

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The Terra Cotta Inn of Palm Springs, California, US

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