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Nude Recreation Week Celebrated at The Terra Cotta Inn in
Palm Springs, CA

PALM SPRINGS, CA - July 6, 1999 (INB) -- Nude Recreation
Week, which is being observed across the country for the
24th time this July 5-11, is nothing new to the many repeat
guests at The Terra Cotta Inn <>, a
historic resort in Palm Springs, California. A private, 17
room hideaway built by famed architect Albert Frey in 1960,
the Inn is nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood, 5
minutes from downtown Palm Springs. In years past, it was a
celebrity retreat named The Monkey Tree and was a favorite
of such Hollywood stars as Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, and
Spencer Tracy.

Today, the poolside guests are likely to be teachers,
nurses, retired couples, executives, and some entertainment
"names" as well. Guests from all over the world are frequent
visitors. Travelers who have previously vacationed in the
Caribbean in particular enjoy the pampering experience The
Terra Cotta Inn provides, as sunbathing "au naturel" is a
common recreation choice in the islands.

Almost 75% of the guests originally heard of the Terra Cotta
Inn on the Internet. Because of the web, in the 4 1/2 years
the inn has been open, they have gone from a start up
business to one of the highest occupancy resorts in all of
Palms Springs. "We get a lot of first-timers from the
Internet," says owner Mary Clare Mulhall. "Usually we have
three or four couples each week who have never visited a
clothing optional resort before and then booked us because
of learning about us on the Internet. They are a little
nervous at first, but we take good care of them and they
have a fun, relaxing vacation."

In fact, says Mulhall, more than half our guests book a
return trip before they leave Palm Springs, and more than
75% of the guests on any given day are repeat visitors. "We
definitely cater to couples," says Mulhall. "We are a place
to come for a special, relaxing vacation experience. Guests
tell us that they love our extra touches such as al fresco
breakfasts, mist cooled patios and poolside massages. And,
because we are centrally located in Palm Springs, our
visitors can take advantage of all that Palm Springs has to

With 350 days of sunshine a year, crystal blue skies, and
beautiful mountain vistas, Palm Springs is the perfect
location to work on that all over suntan year round. The
exciting casinos, world class shopping and famous golf
courses offer fun diversions, as well.

So, what is The Terra Cotta Inn planning for Nude Recreation
Week? "We do expect to host a few more first-timers," says
Mulhall, "but our mission is always the same -- to make our
guests feel completely at home and to make their stay here
relaxing, luxurious and affordable. That goal really won't
change because of one week out of the year."

To receive more information or to book a vacation at The
Terra Cotta Inn, call 800-SUNNYFUN (800-786-6938) or (760)
322-6059. Or, visit the Terra Cotta Inn on the Internet at Send e-mail to To learn more about Palm
Springs visit

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